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Our Curriculum

Active Kids Academy Preschools are created out of the belief that kids learn best when they are physically active. We have worked hard to create a curriculum with an emphasis on physical literacy. Our goal at the end of the year is to expand your child’s mind while sparking their desire to live a healthy, active life. The most important aspect of the Active Kids Team is that we always teach in an encouraging and loving way!

Our Curriculum contains:

  • Practicing our reading, writing, and language skills (Language and Speech)

  • Science! We have great experiments and teach our kids a bit about why they happen (STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

  • Math! The kids get to practice their adding and subtracting 

  • Cognitive Development! Most of our games and activities are planned with the intention of getting your child to think intentionally, to kick their minds into high gear! Teachers can do this by giving fun age-appropriate riddles, interactive puzzles, and kid friendly themes! (Logic and thinking development)

  • Team bonding games! At this age, we help teach your child that the classroom is a community, and that they are a valuable part of it. Your child will learn how to maintain meaningful friendships, and will learn about the wonders that kindness has. We believe that the kids having healthy and happy interactions with each other is vitally important at the preschool level!


Our curriculum was created by Mark Boston who received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. The Active Kids curriculum has been developed in conjunction with the Alberta Program of Studies to help our kids prepare to succeed in their educational careers! All of the learning experiences have been modified to be developmentally and are age appropriate for the kids while they attend Active Kids Academy.

Learning through movement

As our name suggests, Active Kids Academy is all about learning through play! Through various outlets we give our kids the chance to move as much as they can, putting all that energy to good use. The different areas we do this in are:

  • Sports: Each month the kids get to learn a different sport, and practice their sport skills every day at school! We focus on skill development, and progress to fun classroom games within that same sport. 

  • Dance: Our dance curriculum has been created by Teacher Luke, who has been creating choreography for different groups for over 10 years! The programming is designed to get our kids up and moving, following rhythm, and overall just working on their coordination and having fun. 

  • Games and Activities: Most of our games are created with physical activity in mind! Throughout their school day, our kids participate in many group games designed to intrinsically motivate them towards a healthy lifestyle. These games are meant to fuel the imagination, and usually correlate with the theme of the month!

  • General Movement: Throughout the school day, our Teachers are always looking for an opportunity to have our kids moving in fun and developmental ways! Certain skills such as jumping, core strength and agility are emphasized upon during the entire day!

Creative Expression

At AKA we want to help our kids’ creativity flourish in as many ways possible! We do this by giving them plenty of opportunity, and the encouragement needed to express themselves. They will do this through various forms throughout our school year, check them out below!

  • Music: Our Music Curriculum has been created by one of our amazing partners Andrea Elzinga! We infuse music into every part of our day. Whether we sing while washing our hands or put on an amazing clean up song, we want our day to be filled with notes and melodies. Students will be taught the concepts of melody, pitch and rhythm, and much more! 

  • Arts and Crafts:  Our monthly themes dictate the types of arts and crafts we create. We want our students to have fun learning to create things with their hands and their minds and hopefully have some cool projects to bring home to their families! These crafts can range from pirate hooks, wizard wands, to even super hero masks! 

  • Drama and Acting: Every child has a story to tell and it is our mission to help our students to tell theirs. We use our monthly themes to create incredible adventures with our students. Together we create wild stories and use dramatic play to bring them to life! No adventure will be too big for our students' imaginations.

Character development

Our goal is for our students to leave as well rounded individuals who love life and love who they are. Each month we have “word of the month” that we teach our students about, and emphasize through the lessons that month. We have used words such as Thoughtfulness, Caring, and Kindness to help our students be the best possible versions of themselves they can! We incorporate our word of the month into every class with the hopes of inspiring our students to be their very best. Our goal is to have our students leave our school with the confidence to try new things, and with a desire to be servant leaders. 

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