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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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About Us

Location Information

Active Kids Academy offers preschool, daycare and OSC programming at two locations: Chappelle Gardens and Sherwood Park. For further information, please click one of the links below!

What We Teach

Character Development

Appropriate social interactions, communication skills, learning how to share and be a leader, etc.

Creative Expression

Acting, inventing stories, singing/dancing to music and crafting


Letter recognition/pronunciation, intro to reading/writing, basics of mathematics and science

Learning Through Movement

Fine and gross motor skill activities, dancing and every month a new sport is introduced


During COVID-19, we transitioned our classroom to an online format and created our version of a "kids tv show". We had so much fun creating the content that we decided to continue making them! Each interactive episode contains educational activities, funny skits and stories that encourage movement at home. Please check out our YouTube channel and give us a follow!

Contact Us

52 Peacock Drive, Sherwood Park, AB

1059 Chappelle Boulevard SW, Edmonton, AB

(587) 986-6170

(780) 222-6910

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