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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Active Kids Academy, where we embark on an exciting educational journey filled with adventure! As innovative leaders in healthy living, play education, and physical literacy, we have crafted a movement-enriched curriculum that fosters the essential integration between the brain and body. Our philosophy revolves around the principle of "move to learn and learn to move."

At Active Kids Academy, our teachers are strong advocates of physical literacy, ensuring positive social interactions and purposeful fun to facilitate active learning opportunities. We strike a harmonious balance between structured activities and student-driven free play to create a collaborative learning environment. Our goal is to cultivate active learners who are confident in mastering their actions!

Beyond being a preschool, we pride ourselves on being an adaptable, inclusive and caring community that offers year-round play-to-learn experiences to our students and families. We also encourage our alumni students to come visit on occasion so that they can share all of their future successes!

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