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Our Philosophy

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At Active Kids Academy preschool, we believe learning is an adventure! Our passionate team of educators understand that kids learn most effectively through play and physical activity. We support our students and families to become fearless explorers of learning!


We are innovative leaders in healthy living, play education and physical literacy. Our movement enriched curriculum has been expertly designed to support the critical integration between the brain and the body. We strive to move to learn and learn to move!


At Active Kids Academy, we are more than just a preschool. We are an inclusive, caring community, dedicated to providing our students and families play-to-learn experiences throughout the year.  


Active Kids Academy teachers are physical literacy advocates, who take pride in facilitating positive social interactions along with purposeful fun to create active learning opportunities. We balance structured activities with student motivated free play to create a collaborative learning environment. We create kids who are active learners and confident masters of their actions!

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